Friday, April 25, 2008

13.1 Miles. We did it!

We went to Salt Lake to do our 1/2 Marathon. I love running in Utah because for the entire 13.1 miles people are crowding the road and cheering you on. It felt great!
Also pretty cool is when we were almost to the finish line the professional athletes(those africans that are way too skinny) were finishing 26.2 miles. Kinda depressing....knowing they did 26.2 miles in the same time you did 13.1...

We also got to see Sean play 3 games! As you can see in the picture I wore my medal ALL DAY!! I was very proud of myself.

We are now on to our new adventure triathalons!

Friday, April 11, 2008

You know it's vacation when....

1. Dave jumps into the pool hits his head and blood goes everywhere!! 13 Stitches later....

2. We play Gestures and my mom somehow is on the ground acting like a snake...she had to use her entire body to act like a cobra....I almost peed my pants..

3. Someone gets pushed in the pool...I pushed Troy then I immediately jumped in...i knew what would be coming, Mom pushed Justin, Lindsey pushed Dave....all grandkids pushed Grandpa

4. staying up way too late to play meaningless games...

5. Stuffing ourselves at the Bellagio Buffet..

We went to Las Vegas last weekend to see Sean play baseball. He hit 2 homeruns! My parents bought a vacation home last year so everyone came to party.