Thursday, July 21, 2011

Does 2 mean trouble?

 Emmett's favorite face to make when he did something very wrong.
 Emmett just loves to get in Fisher's crib.
While I was in the office getting some work done Emmett decided to dump all the Fruit Loops on the kitchen counter.Yippee!! 

 Playing basketball

 Watch OUT!
 This kid doesn't let anyone mess with him not even Buzz.
Fisher is 12+ pounds already. He is just too kissable.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zoo Trip!

Fisher's first trip to the zoo!

4th of July

They had a festival downtown with lots of fun activities for families.
We also did some fireworks at home. Emmett thought they were really cool.

They had some bounce houses for kids to play in. Emmett was loving it!! We had to drag him away from the bounce house. He screamed as we walked away.

 Emmett's face was so funny when he watched the fireworks. 

Did I mention that is was 118 Degrees outside!!  A record high!

Already best friends...

Remember how I said Emmett didn't want to touch Fisher....
well things have changed...

Emmett loves giving Fisher lots of kisses. He desperately wants to wrestle with Fisher but it just hasnt worked out. Emmett also loves to crawl into the crib with Fisher. I had a heart attack when I saw him do this!!

Wrestling with Daddy

Emmett loves to wrestle with Daddy. 

New fun toys for boys and Mom!

My mom came into town to help with Fisher and to get Emmett a new room. Emmett has a train table and wooden tracks that he loves thanks to Grandma McNaughton.

 Dave seemed to enjoy the trains too much
Since Emmett got some new toys I figured I deserved something too.
Emmett seems to enjoy it already.

Having fun with Grandma

Emmett and Grandma had lots of fun together!

The Story of Fisher

It has been a month and I am still alive. Who knew having two kids could be so crazy! Here is the story of how Fisher arrived into the world. On Thursday, June 9, I was suppose to be induced but the hospital was completely full so we decided since it was a great day that we should go to the pool. I know you are thinking we are crazy but it was so hot. Emmett enjoyed it way too much.

On Friday, June 9, we called the hospital and they were still really full. I had a DR.'s appointment that afternoon. My doctor reassured me that we were going to have this baby tonight or Saturday. That night at 11 pm the hospital called to tell us to come. Really 11 pm at night?!?! So we packed our bags and headed to the hospital. After getting all the drugs we just sat and waited...

My water was broken that morning around 10. Things progressed faster after that and Fisher arrived at 1:09 that afternoon. This time labor was a lot easier and the recovery was better too. Fisher has lots of hair like Emmett.

Emmett thought Fisher was really cute but didnt want to touch him.

Everyone visiting their new cousin

 Finally arriving home!
 Grandma Hawks and Fisher
 Fisher looking his best!

Those are kissable lips!