Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Friends!

 Mac & Emmett are best buds. Mac is 11 yrs old so he just lays on the ground and lets Emmett roll right on top. Mac is a great dog but he is demanding!! While eating Mac makes Emmett massage his back. It helps him digest his food better so he says....

 Mac even makes Emmett use a special massaging tool.

Fun with Cousins

My sister was moving so I helped babysit my nephews. Emmett was entertained the entire time. Jackson and Colton had fun playing with Emmett in the baby pool and sprinkler. The baby pool was a little small for 3 boys but we still had fun.

Month 13

 Some people gave us a few toys including this slide. I figured Emmett would be too little to play on it but he loves this slide. He climbs up and down the slide all day. He usually goes head first but just today he figured out how to sit and go down the slide. Those pictures will be coming soon!

 His new thing is to point to everything.

Emmett has been helping me water the garden so he likes to hold the hose and help.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washington: Seattle Day!

We got to go to Seattle one day during our trip to WA. We went to Pike Place Market and while walking around we found a restaurant that we loved. Can you figure out why?

 While eating lunch Emmett kept grabbing the can of pop. We finally gave it to him. Don't worry the can was empty! But I might have a problem in few years when he'll want the can full of pop.

 After Pike Place Market we met David's parents at Seattle Science Center. Emmett's favorite activity at the Science Center was playing with water with Grandpa Hawks.

 Emmett has been making this face when he does something funny or gets something new.

 There's the funny face again.

Washington Trip: Lake & Golf Course!

The weather in Washington was incredible so we enjoyed playing on the lake and going for boat rides.

We also went to a golf course that is on the Puget Sound. The golf course used be a gravel pit so some of the structures are still on the golf course. They are actually going to have the PGA Tour come to this course in a few years. While we walked around the course they were just preparing for the Amateur PGA Golf Tour which was starting in a few days. The views were amazing!

Washington Trip:Part 1

 We were able to go to Washington to visit my parents. Emmett had a lot of fun crawling everywhere. He would climb the stairs all the time. We slowly taught him to go down the stairs feet first but he still enjoyed going down head first.

 There is a great park with a pond and playground close to my parents house so we went and enjoyed ourselves in the cool weather.

 Emmett made some new friends at the zoo.

 Emmett loved to climb and bounce on this mini trampoline. My mom just got the new Ipad so Dave pretty much played on it most of the trip.