Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmett's Birthday

When we got back from CA we had another party with Emmett's cousins.

We decorated cupcakes for the party.

I made the Happy Birthday banner for his birthday.

Avery & Madeline thought it was a good idea to dress up for the party.

Of course we had to have a pinata!

Yosemite National Park

One of the days we went to Yosemite Park. We left the babies at home so it made the drive a lot better. We went on two hikes to see some waterfalls. The first one only took 15 mins to hike then the other was 1.5 miles. We thought that would be so easy. IT WAS NOT! We had to hike at a 90 degree angle the entire way up. At one point we were walking next to a cliff. It was freaky! The waterfall was amazing and we were really happy when we finally made it to the top but then realized that we had to hike back down.

This is halfway to the waterfall. We hiked to the very top of the waterfall.

This is the railing with the cliff. It was a 100 foot drop to the the bottom.

Half Dome

Twain Harte Lake

We were able to go to Twain Harte Lake while on vacation. It is a small lake with real sand. It was great famiy fun.

Emmett refuses to walk. We are trying but he just loves to crawl! I think he likes to crawl like the dogs.

We went around the lake on these bikes.

Long day at the lake.

Calavaras Big Trees

 We went to the Calavaras Big Trees National Park while in CA. It was incredible to see how big the trees grow. The bear below was carved from one tree just using an electric saw.

 This is a stump from the biggest tree at the park. When it was first discovered they cut it down so they could take it to fairs to show people. A lot of people became angry and turned the area into a national park. The stump used to have dances and people would bowl on top of it.

This is a root of a big tree that fell over.

In the 1800's carriages would go through this tree.

 Grandma & Grandpa with Scott, Emmett and Nathan

Twain Harte

We were able to go to CA for the Hawks family reunion. We went to a small town called Twain Harte. Here are some fun pictures from the trip.
This is Scott Emmett's cousin. He was being a good helper.

We celebrated Emmett's birthday with everyone.

This is Dave's brother Chris with his son Nathan.Nathan is only 6 months older than Emmett.

Amy & Emmett

Chris, Sarah & Nathan. (We found out they are having another baby in Feb.)

Dave's sister Emily with her son Scott.

There was a park down the street and all the kids loved it. Emmett loved climbing the slide and then going down the slide.

Emmett was so funny when he started eating the cake. He didn't really like the sticky frosting on his fingers.

Dave's Nana and Emmett

Grandma brought along a marble ramp for the kids to play with for the trip. Emmett loved putting the marbles in the ramp to see them go down.

Beach Day!

The past few weeks we have been on vacation visiting family & friends. We began the journey to CA on Emmett's birthday. We were on our way to Twain Harte and along the way we stopped to see our friends the Johnsons. We showed up at the Johnsons around midnight. The Johnson's gave Emmett is first birthday present and you can tell he loved it!
 Exactly at 12:01! Emmett's birthday!
 This is the Johnsons. We met them at BYU. They have two cute boys that Emmett loved playing with.

 Jaime and Emmett

Emmett loved playing in the sand. We were there for two hours and he didn't even want to hang out with me.