Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011!

We had our annual trip to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Check out these hot ladies!
The Bairds were able to join us for Thanksgiving.
Emmett loves wrestling with his older cousins.

We heated the pool and enjoyed ourselves way too much!!

 You think we could fit more people?!

Grandma babysitting Fisher.
We enjoyed a fun day at the park to play football.
This huddle was very intense!

Check out this QB!

Another day we went on a hike at Calico Basin.

 Hiking with Grandma
And this is how we felt when the vacation ended!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lindsey and I got real crafty and made this leaf garland. 
(way cuter than Pottery Barns!)
I had to make a cute turkey and Pilgrim/Indian too!

Turtle or Rock?

What do you think? 
Emmett thinks its a turtle!

Emmett & Edward:True Brothers

Emmett just got another brother. He loves watching him climb the trees and just loves how his skin sparkles. He even loves to pet his hair. 

P.S.  I got this doll as a joke from my sis-in-law. I have had it in the box but Emmett saw it and totally wanted to play with the doll. We went to a Veterans Day parade later in the day and Emmett refused to leave "Edward" at home so "Edward" came along. I have never gotten so many weird looks from people!!

Fisher: 5 Months Old!

Wow! Time has flown by!! Fisher is 20 lbs and still gaining more pounds as we speak. He loves playing with Emmett and just laying around. He rolled over a few weeks ago but hasn't done it agian. I was actually doing the dishes and found him on his belly. Maybe Emmett helped him. ;) We got out the jumper and he enjoys it too.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: Part 1

We went to the ward Halloween party last night. We were able to eat really good chili! ( I won the chili cook-off for most flavorful!!) Emmett didn't understand trunk or treating till the kids were coming to the car getting candy and then he totally understood. He grabbed his treat bag and ran for the cars. It was fun this year to have a toddler that enjoys it. I am worried a bit worried about all this candy we are getting because we have already had skittles and Swedish fish for breakfast.
 How cute is this Woody costume!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Emmett saw Dave's hat in the garage and thought he was wearing Woody's hat.

Pumpkin Patch

We were able to go to a great pumpkin patch that had tons of fun activities. We saw pig racing, a dog show, saw farm animals and the list goes on. It was awesome!!
 Emmett was cheering for the pigs!

 Emmett loves animals so he was checking out the rooster.
 Emmett going down the slide. You may notice that Emmett is not wearing shoes in the many of the pictures unfortunately he stepped in a huge mud puddle and refused to wear his muddy shoes the rest of the we totally went white trash and let him walk around with only socks!
 For some odd reason he was terrified of the tractor.
 He really wanted to pick up this pumpkin!! HA HA

 Fisher loved hanging out in the stroller all night.
 How cute is this sheep?!
 This train was soooo cool. We were going to go on a ride but the wait was an hour long so we decided to just wave at the train.
 Going down the Big Slide with Dad.

 Emmett really wanted to check out this ride but we figured it would be too scary for a child.