Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Brother!

 Hope Emmett can teach his
little brother 
these sweet moves!

Washing the car!

Emmett helped us wash the cars. I think he drank most of the soapy water.

Dave's Birthday!

Dave had a great birthday. We did a delicious breakfast! Then went to PF Chang's for dinner and saw Tron. It was a fun day. We realized as we get older just getting a sitter and watching a movie without an 18 month old is the best present!

Christmas! Sorry its late!!

We had a great Christmas this year. Emmett kind of understood Christmas. He enjoyed opening presents! We were lucky enough to have Dave's family come to Arizona for the week. They all enjoyed the beautiful weather.On Christmas morning we were able to have our own Christmas morning for Emmett. He loved seeing the basketball hoop in the morning. 

We went to the Temple lights one night. Emmett was a bit mad he couldn't take the lights home with us.

Playing balloons with grandma.