Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Crib

This crib was made by my great grandpa for my mom when she was a baby. We refinished the crib and painted it white. The crib is an odd size so the incredible bedding was hand-made by an incredible seamstress! ME! I made the bumpers and sheet to fit this crib. It took hours and hours to make(it was pretty much a sweat shop at my house). So I am excited to get this done! I went to the doctor today and will be induced next Thursday unless this baby boy makes his appearance earlier.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Debut! Baby Room!

We just finished the baby room today! It has taken many hours but finally with a lot of work we did it. We ordered the crib and rocking chair about 4 months ago and it arrived just last month. I was a bit worried I would change my mind since we ordered the crib so early but when it arrived I still loved it! It's really unique and has lots of character. Since I spent so much on the crib I had to be really frugal with my other furniture in the baby room. The dresser in the baby room I found online on Craigs list. It was originally $120 but I negotiated and got it for $70 with the mirror. It was this ugly color so Dave repainted it green to match the baby bedding. Next thing I needed was a small table to go next to my rocking chair. I searched and searched for a small table to match my dresser and was having no luck. I was going to antique shops searching all over town to find something at a good price. I think luck was on my side because when Dave and I were driving home from the gym at 7 am we drove by a house having a garage sale. I saw the perfect table! So I yelled at Dave to stop the car immediately and we looked at the small table. It was AMAZING! It practically is the exact same design as the dresser. I was so excited. Also the price was $4 bucks. CRAZY! Dave thought I acted too excited so we couldn't get a cheaper price! This small table was actually gold so Dave again had to paint the table. Dave has really been enjoying these projects(he also repainted a baby crib that will debut any day on the blog)...not really but he's a good sport. I got the baby bedding at Pottery Barn and decided with a neutral theme so we could easily make this a girl room in the future. The curtains were another problem because I couldn't find a yellow that matched the room perfectly. After going to a million stores I decided to just get a bedding sheet that matched and sew them into curtains. I also sewed the tie backs for the curtains. It was an all day project! I went to Jo-Anns twice and Target twice in 115 degree weather. I was tired but very excited when the room was done. Hope you enjoy! Martha called and she's impressed.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

37 Weeks

Fourth of July

We enjoyed the Fourth of July at the pool and a barbecue with family.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby Pictures

*I had to scan the pictures, that's why they are so small*
The Doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound because I have been measuring bigger. They did the ultrasound and he is about 6lbs 9oz right now so lets just says he wont be a tiny baby! I still have 3 weeks to go! Also the nurse kept saying he had tons of hair so I guess he is going to have full head of hair on his big debut. We are excited that he will be here soon! Baby Room pictures coming soon..still figuring stuff out..