Sunday, October 28, 2007

Annual Halloween Party!!

This began three years ago and the party just keeps getting better and better. I thrive on throwing parties especially my Halloween party.(My mom taught me at a very young age that parties have to be elaborate and everything has to be perfect) We plan months in advance to decide on our costumes. This is very important to me and Dave. This year we decided to be the characters from "Elf" the movie. Dave is Buddy and I am the girl elf. I sewed Dave's costume and we got my fabulous pink outfit at Saver's(it was only 3 bucks!). The costume's turned out to be a LOT of work but it was totally worth it to see Dave in yellow tights!

My Halloween party has very strict rules. You are not allowed to come unless you have a costume(i wanna a REAL costume). Second come to enjoy some good grub. I always have good food and "scary" treats like my mummy fingers, wolverine fingers and Frankenstein fingers. Check out all the pictures to see what you are missing... I know all you Provo friends are crying cause I am not there to throw you the best party ever.

Nacho and the Nun
Buddy from "Elf"
The Hippies
Kip and hot pregnant pumpkin
EVEN Napoleon came with Kip

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halloween Tree

I dont know how to flip these pictures. any ideas?

I love Halloween. I always have a huge party every year. So this year I wanted to be extra crafty and make something unique. So I looked at my Martha Stewart magazine and they had a great idea to spray paint branches black and use them as table decorations. I went a little further and made a Halloween Tree. I found the branch in the parking lot of Lowe's. It was a little embarrassing to grab a branch off the ground and put it in my car. I got some bats, skeletons, bugs and glitter at Micheal's. And I went crazy and the tree looks awesome. And Martha is calling me to do a special in her next show. :)

Our House

We just found a new house for rent in our area. The place was pretty scary when we moved in but we lots of paint and TLC we turned it into a beautiful home. We have a backyard for the doggies and a doggie door(Scout loves it and of course Mac hates it) . But we love having so much room, its a 3 bed/2 bath. Here are some pictures of the house.

Race Car Cake

So my nephew, Jackson, turned 2 and loves Lightening McQueen so I made him a race car track with the cars on top. We even made a bridge on the cake. I dropped the cake off at my sisters in the morning for the party that night and Jackson wouldn't stop trying to touch it and take Lightening off the cake. I guess it was a success. It was pretty easy to make and it looked amazing. Dave was of course my assistant during the process.