Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kleenex anyone???

Fisher is just hanging out. 

Happy Birthday Emmett!

Emmett turned 2. We began the day having some yummy french toast. We had a Slip'n Slide birthday party and invited all of his cousins to the party so it was a lot of fun. Emmett loves playing with his cousins because he wants to be just like them. Monkey see monkey do!! 

 As you can see Emmett loved it so much that he began drinking the water.

 Since Emmett is a dinosaur freak I made a dinosaur cake for his birthday. He immediately grabbed the dinosaurs and ran away to play with them. He didn't even want to eat the cake. 

 Emmett got some great birthday presents. His cousins enjoyed helping him open them.

  Why drive with hands when you have feet.  
Emmett already is a mechanic with his new tools.

Slip'n Slide

We had Jackson and Colton over to play on the Slip'n Slide. Emmett laughed at Colton when he slid on the tarp and eventually Emmett understood how to do it. And of course he had to hold his horse the entire time.