Monday, January 9, 2012

This is why we love the IPhone...

cause we can take a million pictures of ourselves!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

December: What haven't we done?!

The month of December was crazy, exciting and full of adventure!! Dave actually has been going to school full time this past year and graduated from ASU. It was a hard decision to make but it paid off. He starts a great job on Tuesday!! Emmett and Fisher are growing fast and are keeping us way too busy. So check out what we have been doing this month.
 Emmett loves giving hugs!

Fisher is sitting up and smiling lots.

 Emmett got this sweet toy from Grandma and Grandpa Hawks for Christmas.
 We spent Christmas at home this year. It was great to relax with our little family. Emmett would open one present and play with it for an hour or MORE! By the end of the day I was opening presents for him so we could be done. 

After Christmas we went to Las Vegas to meet with Amy to celebrate Dave's Birthday.

We picked up four bunk beds at Costco and put them all in the truck. The clerk at Costco thought we were crazy but then I explained we were mormon and we had 10 kids at home along with the 2 with us. ;)

Dave's yummy birthday cake. Actually it LOOKED yummy but it tasted not so yummy! I made the cake then ate it and thought something was a little off. The oil I used was 3 years OLD!! Yikes! We just ate the frosting.   

  Emmett made us light the candles a lot so he could blow them out. 
King Emmett!
Below: King Emmett demanding milk!

 This was a great park we found in Las Vegas.