Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day in the life of Emmett

I begin the day with strength training. I have decided to train for the 2024 Olympics in the rings. I demanded that my parents get me the proper equipment so I could be the best. Of course since I am so cute they got me the equipment.
My coach(mom) informed me that my dismount is very important so I am practicing my cute smile for the judges. Ladies love me!
After exercising I usually run errands with my mom or dad. I do not like to waste time in the car so I will always bring good reading material along for the ride. I am currently reading up on Dinosaurs. So fascinating! Grandpa McNaughton has taught me well.
 In the afternoon I need my beauty sleep. This particular day my Dad was really grumpy so I made him lay down too. We are all happier when we get more rest!
My parents are still making me cook dinner a few nights a week for them. I can understand why mom gets so frustrated when she doesn't know what to make. I feel the same too!!
I decided to go with plastic french fries. YUMMY!
Oh yea I forgot to ask.... 
Do these shoes make my feet look small?

Fun at the Zoo!

We enjoyed a warm day at the Zoo. They have a splash pad area for kids to play in at the Zoo so we let Emmett run around. He really wanted to go down a water slide but needed help so Dave went down too! He had a wet bum the rest of the day. What a fun dad! Sorry no pictures of me...its just too depressing.

 We thought Emmett would love to ride the carousel but he refused to ride on the animals. He really just wanted to run around and check everything out.