Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny came for Emmett this year! He enjoyed collecting the eggs in the backyard. I filled some of them with little cars so he really got excited when he opened the eggs. Oh yeah...did I mention that he loves candy!! He was on a sugar high all afternoon.
Playing with his new cars plus eating candy
Emmett is trying to hold as many eggs as possible

Sean Graduation!

We were able to go to Sean's graduation at BYU. It was my first trip without Emmett so I was sad to go but Dave is super Dad and kept Emmett busy having fun. It was a great trip with just adults and we enjoyed shopping, going out to dinner and staying up late!
How cute is this kid!! Ladies he is single!!

On Friday we went to Provo Beach Resort and did the wave machine. It was a lot of fun.
 Lindsey might be mad about this picture but it was just too funny!!



Saturday, April 16, 2011

5K Run

Our stake did a 5K Run for fun and had games. Emmett enjoyed the obstacle course. He liked to hang out in the tunnel.

Fun at the Park!

 It is already getting warm so we have been going to the park often to enjoy the weather before it gets to HOT.

After playing basketball we were real thirsty!

Fun in the Sun-April 2!

 Pool Party!

We still love watermelon!

Hot Tub!

We did it! We got an amazing hot tub for a really great deal. Emmett was the first to try it out and loved it.
 I hope we can all fit!

This water is so good!
The water was a little cold from the sprinkler.

Playing in the Yard

My blog was having trouble downloading pictures so here is what we have been doing lately.

The month of March has been amazing weather so we have been enjoying the backyard. For some odd reason Emmett loves carrying around the doggie door. It was just too cute.

 This was taken last month so lets just say I am still this size. Ha Ha Ha