Friday, December 17, 2010

Projects from the Year

Since moving into our house I have been busy doing some fun projects over the year. Dave never gets excited when I mention some of the ideas I have because it means he has more work to do. He is a great assistant! Check them out!

This is the laundry room/pantry. It was an eyesore.

I wanted to do a fun color to brighten the room. I took all the cabinet doors off to make it more open. Dave painted the picture behind the hooks(freehand). I don't mind having an artist as a husband.

We actually got this table for Emmett's baby room but it was too big. It sat in the garage for the last year. I eventually found the perfect color and spot for it.

Hallway Closet
This is what you saw walking down the hallway..ugly. 

Much Better!

Master Bedroom

All the decorations I had were from around the house or found at garage sales! I did buy the L-brackets at Hobby Lobby.

Living Room
This is my favorite project yet! This room has been empty ever since we moved into the house. We finally found some furniture to fill the room. 
 Getting ready to hang the pictures.
 Dave and Nelson painting. Dave stayed up till 3 in the morning painting.
 LOVE IT!! We moved the dining room table into the room because we made a play room for Emmett. We then found the daybed at a garage sale, chair and coffee table at Good will. The picture frames I got at Michael's for 65% off! The prints were done at Costco at $8 for the biggest prints. They look amazing.

Silly Boy

 Texting his friends.
 Calling his friends.
 Eating oreos.

 Playing with Mac.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I just laugh when people ask if we have given Emmett a haircut.This poor kid has had a haircut every month since he was 5 months old. Dave is becoming an expert.

 Don't mind the hairy back!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Month 15 & Thanksgiving

 Emmett's favorite toy is the slide. He LOVES IT!

 Emmett's new favorite food is chocolate chip cookies!
 Emmett loves playing in the backyard with his basketball. We planted a garden and its growing like crazy.

 It took Emmett a while to learn to walk but he finally is an avid walker. Since he wants to become a marathon runner(like his mom) we got him some sweet kicks.
 Watching cartoons in the morning.
 Emmett still loves the dogs. This was him riding Mac with his sword. They also love to snuggle.

 Amy came into town for Thanksgiving so we were busy doing lots of fun activities. We went to the park and the zoo.

 Emmett was loving his thanksgiving food. He got a bit angry when the turkey ran out.

 Emmett loves to see animals at the zoo. We had a lot of fun at the playground.
 Emmett ate his brother for thanksgiving.