Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Play Time!

Emmett and I went to my sisters house and played on her swing set. Emmett loves to play with his cousins.
Colton, Emmett and Jackson

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another day in my life...

 In the morning I begin by stretching my back. A lot of my family(Dad, uncle Troy, uncle Sean) have major back problems. I think it's pretty pathetic but I do my own stretches to keep flexible.
 I then begin my breakfast. I am very hungry in the morning so I demand that I get two spoons or I have a breakdown. (See below: It's not pretty.)

 To make sure my mom keeps in shape I make her take me on walks in the morning. She also takes my friends Mac and Scout.
 After the rigorous walk around the neighborhood I need to stretch my legs. I can almost do the splits.

 As you can see from the picture I have a great body. To keep this body in shape I do about 100 push-ups a day.
About the middle of the day I have my dad hold me upside down. I feel it will help me grow taller. Not sure if its working yet I have my 9-month appointment soon so we will see.
 After doing push-ups I have to exercise my legs.I try to keep my legs nice and chubby. My mom makes me go so long and sometimes I just need a break.

 I have started a business massaging dogs. I think I am doing pretty good. I already have one client that loves it.

I have started a new skin program to keep my skin baby smooth. I have begun using blueberries.
 After my bath I have my dad massage my back and have my mom snuggle me in my plush blue towel.

Hope you enjoyed my day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Las Vegas Trip

For Easter weekend we met Amy and her friend Lezlee in Las Vegas. We began the trip by going to Maggiano's. This place is soooo good!
On Saturday between sessions we went to Red Rock Park just outside Las Vegas. It's a great place to go hiking and it has cool rock formations.

I am an avid rock climber....see my skills. Emmett enjoyed riding in the carrier. He couldn't stop smiling but eventually he did fall asleep.

We watched conference downstairs in the movie theatre room so it was comfortable! Maybe too comfortable..I think I fell asleep for a few minutes...

Emmett enjoyed conference too!
Emmett is almost crawling. He does an army crawl right now. At work its getting more difficult cause he is always trying to move around...guess I'll be building a cage soon...
Along the way we stopped at Hoover Dam for a few minutes. They are currently building a bridge so you can bypass the Dam when going to Las Vegas. The bridge is crazy high. It's probably 300 high. CRAZY!!
It was really WINDY!

These picturs are just too cute. We go from utter happiness to the end of the world in a matter of seconds. He fell asleep after this so the car ride was great.The trip was a nice break and fun to see Amy.

Another Day at the Pool!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I hired this sexy man to clean my yard!
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Emmett: Month 7

 Emmett has been busy this month learning new things. Check it out!

 You like my hair!
 My HAWAII shirt from Aunt Amy.

I'm a big boy!